Please see our daily schedule below. The Energizing Health House is a pop-up health community center at Cooper’s BBQ at 217 Congress (next door the SXSW Health programming at the JW Marriott) sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Aetna Foundation, Cambia Health Foundation, St. David’s Foundation, Novartis Biome, Illumina Accelerator, and AT&T.
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Pick up your pass us at the Energizing Health House for a daily complimentary breakfast at the Scout Bar and enjoy the free “All Day Buffet” complete with healthy snacks and a complete coffee bar.

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For the Energizing Health “master” schedule,
including 17 official SXSW Health sessions, bookmark http://Imagine.Health


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Friday, March 8th | Health Justice Community Programming

Saturday, March 9th | Health Justice Community Programming

Sunday, March 10th | Novartis Biome and Illumina Accelerator Programming

Monday, March 11th | Novartis Biome Programming